Programming vs Computer Science

Programming is an admirable profession but is very short term. Everything in the programming field changes almost every 3-5 years. Programmers are constantly on a learning curve while different programming skills get antiquated.

Computer Science, if one is honest, is a branch of mathematics and has not changed for decades or more. Even if more and more is understood about computer science nothing goes out of date.

Programming skills such as FORTRAN, COBOL, JCL or PERL have been antiquated including all kinds of computers which are no longer supported.

Meanwhile different data structures algorithms from the 60s remain part of the toolkit of the computer scientist and whoever can creatively use them.

Unfortunately, programs are impermanent structures. They are very useful during their short lifespan and can be lucrative for the professional programmmers. However they are not lasting like other structures. They are not lasting like bridges, buildings or even famous novels. The intellectual effort put in to create programs is extensive yet it is like building sand castles.

The lasting part of the whole "computer software" effort is really computer science. Like physics or math the computer science you learn today will still be good decades from now. Of course more will be added but what you have already learned now will not be antiquated. Like learning math or physics - it won't go out of date for a long time.