Computer Science

Computer Science is not a branch of engineering. Rather and orginally, computer science was a branch of mathematics until it matured and became it's own science. Like math and physics, computer science is separate and different from engineering. Rather, engineers use physics, mathematics and computer science as tools of the trade but "engineering does not equal" either physics, math or computer science.

Computer Science is often confused with computer engineering, its sister field. However, modern computer engineering grew out of electrical engineering and the goal of computer engineering is to design and build computers based on some kind of hardware. Computer engineering is very much a branch of engineering that overlaps into computer science. (Sort of like "chemical engineering" which overlaps into chemistry.)

Computer Science is also confused with software engineering another sister field. Software engineering is a deeply applied disapline which involves the engineering of processes of software development, requirement, design, test and release. Software engineering overlaps with computer science but has an industrial engineering goal.

Computer Science is also confused with programming or the "Art of Programming". Industry likes to hire people with computer science degrees because they gain "a lot" of programming experience by pursuing their degree. However, learning syntax or use of popular computer language is not the core of a computer science program. Learning to code in some specialized fashion such as "front end - back end" or using API's or some type of commercial programming that is done over and over in a myriad of ways is not computer science but is an "Art". Apart from following hundreds of procedures (kind of like an auto mechanic) the programmer will inevitably use the tools of computer science but this "Art" is not computer science.

The computer scientist is the person who dreams up the compiler, interpreter or operating system and writes it. A programmer uses the computer scientist's product. The study of computer science like math and physics really starts at the graduate level. The computer scientist studies of automata, computability, complexity, logic, control systems, numerical analysis etc. He dreams up and creates the information tools that engineers, software engineers, programmers and all types of business people, everyday people, and scientists start with.